Use Case For Writers

Are you a professional writer or a writer to be? Do you have a collection of stories to share with the people? Whatever you write, may it be a book, a novel, an e book or a blog, you are a writer.

The readers are the most important audience for the writers like you. And trust me growing your audience isn’t an easy task.

Before launching your write ups you can gain your readers attention with different approaches, for e.g a checklist..

How are Writers Using KuickList?

Saving Up The Cost and Earning Extra

Although the writers have little knowledge about IT but they are creating their own landing pages by themselves and saves hundreds of dollars. With that they are selling their checklists with some incentives to the readers and gaining more audience and money at the same time.

Content Upgrade

As the checklist are according to the content, they are publicizing their small checklists in exchange of the reader’s emails. Which means one checklist can get you an audience for a lifetime.

Give a Seak Peak

Professional writers are making a small checklist about their new write ups. It heightens the curiosity among the readers about their new work. Thus the traffic is inexplicable.

Why KuickList?

It’s not just a checklist builder but it also helps you in making landing pages too. You are a creative artist and have very basic knowledge of It, still there is no need to worry. Kuicklist has simple and variety of landing pages templates that you can use to attract your audience like magnet.

You don’t have to worry about making a PDF file. You can just create and customize your own checklist that can sync with your smart phone, laptop, tablet and etc.

This application can integrate with different platforms which may hep you to collect emails of your readers and connect with them in future

Are You Ready to Market Your Own Checklist Now?

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